3MM Round Genuine Gemstone Tennis Bracelet in Rhodiumplated Sterling Silver 7 Bracelets for Women Tennis tanzanite DRwM0heEh

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Gemini New York was founded on the belief that everyone should have access to the beauty of fine jewelry.

Throughout the jewelry creation processwe uphold the principles of craftsmanship and excellencededicated to bringing luxurious elegance into your lifestyle. The designersartisansand curators that comprise Gemini New York work to create a marketplace of fine jewelry that can be enjoyed by everyone. By removing the middlemenwe successfully control the heart of the supply chainbringing affordable quality all the way to your doorstep.

With our two boutiquesCastor and Polluxthere is sure to be something that will match your style. By embracing the legend of the twin brothers of Geminiwe are able to offer stunning jewelryavailable in sterling silver or gold. As the legend statesPrometheus gave fire to man so that he can create. Through this spiritwe offer our exclusive Promethean styles in the Castor boutique. These styles aim to emulate the beauty of precious gemstones. Our Pollux boutique offers our genuine precious and semi-precious gemstoneswhich can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

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Our gemstones and precious metals are sourced from the most trustworthy suppliers around the globe. With each piece we createour work and care put into it is reflected in its quality. We use authenticated gemstones so that each piece has vibrancedepthcharacterand longevity. This is reflected in the luster of each piece as it radiates its splendor.

We enhance each and every one of our sterling silver pieces with rhodium. A close relative of platinumRhodium is an incredibly precious and rare metal with special properties. Due to its hardness and resistance to corrosionit is used to plate sterling silver and white gold to give a beautiful protective shell on your most important pieces. This plating gives an increased shineresistance to tarnishand a wonderful silvery-white finish.


We aim to be mindful of our community and the wider world around us. That is why we focus on sourcing our materials sustainablyfrom our packaging to minimize waste. In doing sowe hope to set an example that responsibility should never counteract quality. This is upheld throughout the process of curation -- from the moment the piece is sketched to the time it sparkles in your jewelry box.

To further our aim of responsibilitywe commit to donating each year to causes of social justice including creating equal opportunity for educationincreasing food securityand creating opportunities for upward mobility around the world.

The Beauty of Fine Jewelry

Direct to Consumer

At Gemini New Yorkwe strive to provide everyone with an opportunity to treat themselves with finegemstone jewelry.Gemini New Yorks collections hold a wide variety of top line jewelrywithout the exorbitant costs found at traditional retailers. Gemini New York does this by streamlining the supply chain. In doing sowe eliminate what consumers typically face due to excessive markups that quality fine jewelry undergoes throughout the supply chain.

Gemini New York takes out the retail markups by acting as a platform which directly connects the consumer to the jewelry. By decreasing the markups as well as providing a direct route from artisans to the buyerhigh quality gemstone jewelry is now available to everyone. We are on a mission to make luxury attainable.

QUALITY - This Signature Hand-Crafted Rhodium Silver Plated Tennis Bracelet has been developed with genuine tanzanite. Your jewelry is designed to last a life-time. The rhodium plating on the Sterling Silver ensures a long lasting shine similar to the finish of white gold. The piece is specially dipped in a Rhodium coat to prevent tarnishing and lengthen the life of the silver.
PRECISION - With 4.6ct of gemstones and a total weight of 8.782geach piece is verified to meet the highest of quality standards.
ELEGANCE - The tanzanite is created with the craftsmanship and quality to add elegance to any occasion. Underneath the famous Mount Kilimanjarothe worlds supply of this unique blue violet stone is found. Tanzanites chemical properties that transform it into this profound color make it ideal for those who want to share their strong style.
RESPONSIBILITY - Gemini New York sources materials sustainably to minimize waste while maintaining qualityexcellenceand beauty in our jewelry.
SATISFACTION - Each piece comes carefully delivered in our sleekreusable Gemini New York jewelry casesverifying the quality of each product. Orders can be returned within 30 days for any reasonguaranteeing you find the perfect piece every time.

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