Boutique 100% Pure Natural Manual Sculpture Green Jade Gem Pendant Necklace Men or Women Necklace Pendant Amulet fine polishing Pendant Necklaces AugPoppy kNbCOizqX

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Jade is thought to be able to help a person just by being in contact with it. The feel of cool jade is said to elevate and purify thoughtsto quiet the mindand to induce a state of contemplation. It is also believed that frequent handling of jade will cause the stone to grow even more beautiful in sheen. According to one Chinese proverbJade is cool because it comes from the essence of clear mountain streams. Science says that jade is cool to the touch because it is a non-conductor. Many Chinese believe that a jade stone eventually becomes a part of the life of its owner. Jade is said to change colors depending on the aura of its possessor. When he or she is down or depressed the jade might be a darker shade. If fortune is goodthe stone might be of a lighter tint. It is also believed that when a jade piece cracks or breaksit has shielded its holder from an evil and

Size38MM *38MM
Natural green jade,for both Mens and Women
Exquisitely Handcrafted and Polished by Most Skilled Masters
it's come with rope necklace
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