Flpruy 925 Sterling Silver Bee Earrings Sparkling Dance Bee Crystal Flower Cute Hypoallergenic Studs for Women Girl Stud silver LKs5OrMK5

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-- A professional brand focus on Excellent jewelry making for decades. We create beautiful jewelry with a conscience.

  • The jewels we design are aimed at conveying love and preserving memories for our guests.
  • Jewelry is not just a jewellery productbut also an emotional sustenance.

Studs Earrings and Bee Sunflower Necklace Sets

  • You can buy the pair of bee studs earrings at the FLPRUY store and pair them with the same bee necklace.
  • Buy both at the same time and enjoy more benefits.
  • Earring size Sparkling Dance Cute Bee The vivid bees are kissing the flowers. The flower is used by Austria yellow crystakwhich looks more brilliant in the sun!
    PERFECT SIZE Earring size

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